Hahahaha hahahaha….

I am a freelance writer and I’m doing my degree online so I really could keep whatever hours I choose if not for the little one needing to be at the bus stop by 7:30. I look forward to the days when she no longer requires me to accompany her to the bus. One day she will be able to wake up on her own and take herself without disturbing me. Also, right now the two of us share a bedroom. Which makes it more difficult to get her to go to sleep at a reasonable hour. I set her bedtime for 8:30pm but she is never in bed before 9 and never asleep before 10. It’s now 12:30am and she’s asleep so that means I have to be quiet and probably I’ll go to sleep here shortly. But over the summer, the two of us would be up talking and giggling until long into the morning hours. It was a lot of fun. It gives me a glimpse of what I hope our life will look like when she’s older (so long as she doesn’t start hating me). I’m currently looking for a 2 bedroom apartment so we can each have our own room. Money’s been tight but my parents offered to help me so I’m snatching that opportunity to move Elliot and I out of Miami and closer to where her dad lives. I just have to find the apartment and sign a lease. Ive been procrastinating on that. But only because I have so much work to do between school and writing and parenting. I hope to get that done this week. I’d like to hopefully move sometime in September. But that won’t happen unless I really commit to this apartment hunt. It’s not easy. Wish me luck! :-D

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