It turns out I was only asking them because I wanted validation for what I knew deep down was the decision I wanted to make.
10 Things I Do To Guarantee Failure For Myself and Others
James Altucher

I love this post, all of it. I found myself wanting to highlight large portions. But this particular thing, about asking people to validate a decision you already know you want to make… just rang so true for me. I know that I do this. Even when I’m doing it, I’ll find myself thinking, “wait, why am I asking for permission to do something I want to do?” It’s crazy. We’re adults and we know what we want. Yet, somehow it seems like we need external validation to make our decisions seem worthwhile. Then we get frustrated or upset if/when other people don’t validate us. Why do we need this validation so much? It drives me crazy. Anyway, I’m glad you pointed it out because it’s something I’ve been seeing in my own life and wondering about. I’m glad to know I’m not unusual in doing this. Also, everything else you said here resonates with me. So thank you. ❤️❤️

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