Wanna Be a Writer? Me Neither

I love your writing so much. I started writing young too. No idea what happened. Whatever talent I thought I once had must have gone away.

I have a daughter now. She’s 8 and just finished 2nd grade and is writing her very first book. It’s so wild and crazy and there’s even a sex scene. Yes. That’s right. My 8 year old put a sex scene in her book. Of course, she doesn’t know what sex is all about. Which makes it all the more amusing. But still, she’s way more advanced than I was at her age. My stories were mostly angst and hating everyone. I wrote a lot about my family too and how much they sucked. I was passionate about writing. Then my mom told me writing is a hobby, not a profession, and that I should be a doctor. So I changed my course in hopes of becoming a doctor. Until freshman year of college when I suddenly realized I had no desire to be a doctor and changed my major from biology to psychology. Cuz it was easier. I’m such a bum. Anyway, I love your stories. This one. Other ones. Don’t know if I’ve commented before. Maybe I have. My memory doesn’t work so much (because: drugs). So sorry if I’m not making sense. I do admire your talent and wish to be just a fraction as interesting to read. Thanks for doing your part to make Medium such a great place to be. ❤️❤️

Much love,


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