If you sent me an email in the last year, I didn’t read it. And also, I deleted it.

26,891. That’s the number of emails I have (had) waiting unread in my inbox. I don’t have time for all that nonsense. Some days I get really determined to go through them but every time I see that number, I just get overwhelmed. I had to make the conscious decision to just give up. I’m never going to sort through all of those emails. And if an email is more than a month old, it’s most likely no longer relevant. So I have decided the best course of action now is to just delete everything from May back.

I’m starting graduate school in August. That means it’s officially time to start adulting. I’ve tried to avoid being an adult for as long as possible. Just this morning, my 8 year old jokingly (at least I think she was joking) declared herself to be the only adult in the family, quoting me by adding that her father was a big baby. I can’t argue with that (just kidding, boo, I love you. But seriously, though, you really are). Anyway, what was I on about? Oh yeah.

Emails. I have to delete them all. Sorry, not sorry. Listen, I was locked away for all of December and 99% of January. I had no access to anything. No internet. No phone. Not even a computer. My emails were out of control before I went away and they are beyond that now. It’s time for a fresh start. Deleting everything will allow me to read any new emails that come in without feeling the pressure of 26k emails looming over my head. It’s a good thing, I swear.

Just deleting the emails isn’t going to cut it though. I also had to unsubscribe from most of the too-many-to-count newsletters that past me eagerly joined with no consideration for present / future me. That was actually the hardest part. There are newsletters I debated over. But then I had to tell myself to be rational. If I have a years worth of any given newsletter that I have never had time to read, it’s useless to me. Unless I want the number of emails to continue to climb, I can’t keep receiving all these newsletters. In fact, there are a few that I can think of now that I kept and probably should get rid of. Because I am not going to read them. I’m just going to keep them in my inbox, in a folder titled ‘Read Later’ and it will never get read. Then the important emails will get lost in the sea of newsletters and, eventually, get deleted.

It’s come to the point where I have to tell people not to email me because I know I don’t receive my emails. I’ve been giving my number out to people on Quora and elsewhere, instead of my email address. Unless I’m using my phone and a notification pops up (which, for some reason, rarely happens) or I am specifically waiting for an email from you so I can search for your name in my inbox, I promise you that I won’t see your email. So don’t email me. Also, don’t contact me on Facebook. I use Facebook for work mostly. I do post occasionally but more often than not, I’m posting from an external source and I rarely bother going on Facebook to check for comments or messages. Unless it’s for work and then I don’t take personal messages while I’m working so… don’t do it. Also, I don’t answer my phone. There are maybe a total of 5 people for whom I will answer. And even then, my phone is often on silent so I don’t always answer for those people. You can leave me a message but unless you’re my mom, dad, daughter, husband, or someone who wants to give me money I’m probably not calling you back. If you want to reach me, the best way is to send a text and tell me who you are.

Two apps I do check regularly because I love them: Medium (daily) and Quora (several times a week) so go ahead and leave me your love right here. ❤️❤️