Plauntie Arduino Config

Stanley, my rubber house plant, and Plauntie

Here’s the configuration of the Arduino to make Plauntie.


  • Arduino UNO board
  • Breadboard (I used half size)
  • Photocell sensor
  • Temperature sensor
Temperature sensor on the left, photocell on the right
  • one 10k ohm resistor (red, red, brown, gold)
  • one 220 ohm resistor (brown, black, orange, gold)
10k ohm on the left, 220 ohm on right right
  • 8 wires (my color code: power=black, voltage=red, A0=green, A1=blue)

Here’s a sketch of my configuration

Top rectangle is the breadboard, bottom section is the Arduino board. Legend on the right

Color coding isn’t super important, but it’s nice for organizing.

Final configuration (a little upside-down)
Final configuration of the Arduino

Big thanks to Lucia Shinyoung Choi for helping me with this part of the project!

Want to know what resistor you’re using?

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