Campaign Evaluation

Our Campaign with Mission Waco is going great so far and I believe it is going to be very successful. For the purpose of this campaign, we will be focusing on Mission Waco’s Fair Trade Market. The market sells items from around the community and world and aims to empower women and provide a sustainable way of life for the poor.

Photo by Mission Waco

Our campaign will be titled “#BringInTheSpring” and will focus on increasing traffic/revenue during the down period from Valentine’s Day to Easter. The market annually experiences a significant decline in sales during this time.

The majority of this campaign will take place on social media. The purpose of this is to expand awareness of Mission Waco’s Fair Trade Market in ways that the nonprofit is currently not doing. Mission Waco is well in Waco by word of mouth but lacks a strong presence on any social media platforms. I believe that “#BringInTheSpring” will help Mission Waco’s name recognition spread onto social media mediums, which will reach a completely new audience.

I believe Fair Trade Markets are an effective way to help people around the world and I am confident that our campaign will help improve Mission Waco’s Fair Trade Market.