Hustle > Talent

Hustle and hunger, this is something that cannot be taught, one either has it or doesn’t. This is what sets some of the greats such as Michael Jordan, Beethoven, Picasso, and Jobs apart from the rest. These men showed the age-old theory that hustle trumps talent every time. Yes, talent will set an individual apart from the rest for a set amount of time. It’s the hungry ones that attack the talented ones and want their position. Often to unlock hunger in someone they must be on another level of emotional intelligence, they need to know who they truly are. Ones who tap into their hidden hunger inside and rise to the top truly know who they are and their purpose on this earth. The people who put in the hours from early mornings to late nights will rise while the talented ones may get lazy. Many people try to oppress those who are hungry, those who spend all their time improving their craft. My view on this is people either chase their dreams or stand on the sidelines and watch others achieve theirs. People don’t like to see others rise while they don’t. The thing that makes most people fail in this world is failure itself. I like to say it’s better to be 0–7 at bat than 0–0 at bat, if you never swing you can never score. I was grateful to see someone exhibit these traits and also grow up with this person. I am also lucky enough to say this person is my best friend. I have seen what hunger and devotion to a craft truly look like through this individual.

Middle School, a time we all remember as the most awkward time of our lives. Many of us were trying out school sports or getting interested in the arts. I was like every typical middle school student who was trying new things but never knew want I liked. This is very typical for someone at this age, it is almost unheard of to meet people who find what they love at such a young age. I was asked to join the band and I thought what the heck, what do I have to lose. I decided to pick the trumpet as my weapon of choice. To sum it up, if the trumpet was my weapon in a war I would be gone in less than a minute. I was terrible at trumpet, I could barely play simple songs on the instrument. Being so bad, I would get bored in class often. One day it hit me, I should ask my best friend to join trumpet so I have someone to talk to. My friend took the bait and decided to join trumpet with me, this was a decision that would change everything.

My friend had never touched an instrument prior to joining the band in 6th grade. After playing trumpet for one year he was hooked, he found out what his passion is. This is when I was surrounded by someone who showed what hustle truly looks like. My friend went from a 6th grader who picked up the trumpet to in the end being the first chair in all state band every year in high school. Many people in high school knew him for his trumpet abilities, but I don’t think everyone knew just how deep his hunger was like I did. I don’t think it could be fair to say he received the fair amount of credit he deserved. He truly poured seven years of hard work into his craft. He would stay up too late hours in the night to practice, he would wake up before the sun just to get to play his trumpet before school. He truly displayed signs of hunger always. There would be times where we would be hanging out and he would pick up that horn and play until we begged him to stop. He attended International Music Camps, performed in California, even received the Louis Arm Strong Award his senior year. I had never seen someone at my age put in so much work and receive such amazing results.

He did have talent in him, that cannot be argued at all. What truly took him to the level he is at was his hunger. He would outwork any trumpet player I know. He would put in the hours if that needed to happen to learn a song. He would always be on the grind to climb the ladder of success. I had never understood how he could pour so much time and energy into his craft. You could call him at any given time on a school night and he wouldn’t answer because he was practicing. He was showing the signs of what the true greats showed. He was willing to put in the work, he was hungry. This man had never touched a trumpet until 6th grade, and hustled year after year to hold his place in the state.

His hunger and drive are what got him all his countless awards, amazing solos, and experiences all over the state. He showed that if you want something more than anything in this world and you’re willing to grind for it, you can achieve this. This principle of what my best friend did can be implemented into anyone’s life. This principle has truly changed my life as well. I have found my hunger inside and now I am grinding away day after day just like him. I have changed my weapon from trumpet to business this time and I have never looked back.

The only certainty we have in life is one life, if you don’t spend it chasing your dreams you’re only cheating yourself. I want you all reading this to learn from this and understand this. I want people to know hustle will win in the end. If you been running reasons through your mind why you are not good enough for something, cut it. Success is a mindset, by changing your mindset you can change your life. I am so thankful to have spent my time watching my best friend grow into the musician he is today. He showed me what hunger truly looks like and now everything he did makes sense to me. I challenge you to go out and chase your dreams and not be afraid of hard work, because in the end if it was easy everyone would be doing it.

(Thank you Christian for letting me use your killer hustle as a example)