Digital Shopping a Future Reality

We’ve all seen cinema’s predictions of future technology. Like Back To The Future’s hover board or interactive displays in Total Recall and Minority Report (

But what does the future of retail really look like…..

This same question I asked myself 3 years ago, better yet how to we make it possible.

My answer led me on an extraordinary journey, one of greater customer connectivity, personalised shopping experiences and data driven solutions.

A concept I call digital shopping and a reality known as Bumbl.

Bumbl is set to launch late April 2016, providing retailers one solution, opening the door to endless possibilities of digital innovation to come.

Shoppers will be able to download the Bumbl app and follow local stores, being rewarded through in-store loyalty discounts and staying informed on the best deals near by.

The pay-off…. Retailers gain insight on shopping traffic so they can provide better customer experiences.

No personal data is given to the retailers as stores connect with followers through the Bumbl network.

Meaning no more sign up to loyalty programs giving away personal information.

And that’s just the beginning of Bumbl’s exciting journey into the future of digital shopping. coming soon (April 2016)

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