I’m not sure what you expected from him but he did “show up” for the briefing with the Governor and…
Steve McGrath

What do I expect? I expect that if the president is going to visit a disaster area, he’ll actually visit the area…at least taking a helicopter tour over the affected ground (if he did that, I sure didn’t see any mention of it). Maybe I’d even expect him to wait a few days to visit and cause less disruption to the ongoing disaster coordination (but timing is a difficult thing… too soon, you disrupt; too late, you get yelled at for not showing up). I’d expect him to sound sympathetic, not congratulatory to all the the people having to oversee the response to a natural disaster. And I’d expect him to not make remarks about the size of the crowd.

You’ll probably think these expectations are a way of finding fault, of not giving credit where credit is due. But it’s not hard to find fault when I can’t find anything else. Mr. Trump hasn’t proven himself worthy of the office of the president, or worthy of my trust or even respect. I keep looking it, for some indication that he’s turned a corner, but I just can’t find it.

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