I don’t believe the Secret Service would approve of a “helicopter tour”.
Steve McGrath

You wrote:

I don’t believe the Secret Service would approve of a “helicopter tour”. Of course, they would have to close the airspace during the tour which would frustrate the air operations of other federal, state and local officials and law enforcement engaged in critical search and rescue operations.

This was pretty much my point when I said it might have been beneficial for him to have waited a few days, when such air operations would be at a lower tempo. Plenty of presidents have overflown disaster areas in the past.

You also wrote:

If it were not for the large crowd of supporters that had gathered to see him, I doubt that he would have offered any remarks. If his remark on the size of the crowd of locals that gathered to see him has aggravated you, then you are obviously a hater. You people are insufferable. There is nothing President Trump can say or do that you will not dissect or distort to malign him.

Those of us who dislike Mr. Trump need do no dissection or distortion to malign him, he does it himself. He aligns himself with white supremacists, he acts to benefit the rich at the expense of the poor and to make the lives of the powerless more difficult, and he pardons Joe Arpaio, a monster who acted illegally, unconstitutionally and at the expense (both monetary and otherwise) of the people who elected him.

Trump acts only for the benefit of himself and those close to him. He has shown no interest over the last eight months in turning his behavior toward being a leader and working for the betterment of all the people in this country. Why should we expect him to start now…or at any time during his presidency?