Hey Bernie Supporters — Stop Forcing Democrats to Agree to the Lie that the Primary Was Rigged.
Sasha Stone

Why the heck do you care at this point? You doth protest too much, methinks. At this point it doesn’t matter unless you have something to hide… and if Bernie was the weaker candidate, why in the heck did HILLARY LOSE???

The bottom line is that Hillary’s buddies’ in the DNC did everything to help her, AGAINST THE OFFICIAL POLICIES OF THE DNC. We’ve got the E-mails, we know the truth. The DNC is dirty. Period. Was it enough to throw the primaries? Probably not. But don’t act all holier than thou, the DNC is dirty.

Bernie started late, probably didn’t think he had a chance from the beginning and didn’t realize he had really struck a chord until he appeared in Oklahoma (I was at both is appearances there).

I canvassed Oklahoma for Bernie and what I found was that Democrats in Oklahoma preferred Trump to Hillary…. and Bernie to Trump.

Please get it through your skull that no matter how much you may love Clinton and no matter how unfair the attacks on her were, A LARGE PART OF THE U.S. PUBLIC HATE HILLARY.

Clinton was the ONLY person who could lose to Trump. And she did. So, stop whining about Bernie supporters.