Why putting lofty Standards over skill will get you nowhere….

I wanted to take a moment of my time today to post something that is effecting 100’s if not thousands of people today that are wanting to create a surplus amount of income, or start a business in the online sector.

As we all read through our news feeds on social media or tune into the shared shapchats of today’s latest stories and self help/article content there is one thing that is widely realized in many minds today. (How can I make my life’s dreams come true, and how quick can I do it) Obviously if one takes a closer look there is a question that we must ask ourselve’s (what can I do to accomplish this for myself.)

Now before I get started I want to say that having lofy standard’s or big dreams is not the culprit here and there isn’t anything wrong with having them or wanting better things for ones self and its actually 1 part of the recipe that is needed to obtain/accomplish goals. The problem is that most people are putting those standards and dreams before the act of actually learning the skill/value that they need to produce this type of outcome for themselves.

A few mentors that I follow have all said that you must focus on mastering a skill and give that same value to the market/people that are in need of it. Which is fact not fiction, all the time and hours that I myself have put online learning, testing,or investing in myself I have found this one thing to be true ( you must learn it before you earn it).

Focusing on nothing but mastering that certain skill to then create an enviroment that will work for you and not the other way around is key, and something that many people still aren’t understanding till this very day. I can honestly say that I myself was a victim of this until I realized that everything I was doing wasn’t going anywhere because my ads, content, and motives had no depth or weren’t congruent to what people were actually looking for. I wasn’t solving any problems I was only giving people options to take, and when someone in the market isn’t able to justify why they should take a certain option ( buy your product) then they will not take any action at all.

I honestly think that the reason that many people fall into this type of magic dust thinking that a (program, platform, or certain tool ) will gain them the income they need to do or buy things they want is becuase of a easy way out type of mindset that world conveys to the marketplace. This type of marketing only gathers one type of crowd and then drives home that this program is going to help you make millions of dollars without actually teaching the skill that was mastered in order for this to become a reality.

I believe that once this happens and people start to believe that something outside of them is going to make them a millionare then the lofty standards become #1 instead of the skill/value that drives people to buy something. Focusing on what you want doesn’t pay for what you want. It is always important to have goals, and know that you can attain them but it still doesn’t trump the value that needs to be provided in order to attain them.

I honestly believe that the only way to solve this problem is to start showing people and the marketplace what skill and value is being given in order for them to create a awesome life for themselves. Knowledge is to be shared not hoarded, and if you look at the successful one’s (millions of dollars of income) they are doing this. They truly want people to accomplish a better life for themselves and are willing to share all that they know to accomplish this.

This type of Marketing/advertising needs to be shared with everyone. Now if you are someone that is reading this that may have found themselves caught in this rut , or is just getting started online then there are a few things that you need to know right from the start.

The First 7 points of creating the life you want

  1. Nothing is free ( Be willing to invest in yourself)
  2. Free info only comes in the form of study (study your mentors sales copy, sales funnels, advertisement, learn from them in any way you can)
  3. Focus on mastering a skill ( find something that intrigues you and study how to make it work) A few are sales, marketing/advertising , public speaking and communication, and bulding sales funnels. Tools are there to make things simpler, but not provide the actual value to the customer.( don’t take this out of context, overthinking will kill you) :)
  4. Find a way to put the content/value of your skill out to the public ( blogs, facebook, google ads, social media apps — instagram, snapchat etc.
  5. Give people a way to buy from you and build list of interested people. (affiliate products, your own product, physical products, e-books ) etc.
  6. Become a good steward of money , not a slave. (take the money you make and invest it in yourself, your business, and other cashflow businesess)
  7. Always be a student of the game. ( Things are always changing and updating , keep up with it)

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Once these 7 must’s are realized and put to use , only then will you be heading in the right direction. Another thing to remember is that it’s never to early or to late to be a student or learn something new. ( This cripples many people) In fact you will learn something new everyday until you die, therefore you will always be a student in life ,but profiting from it is your choice.

I believe that for many people this is a problem in their lives that can be fixed by a shift of mindset and priorities in themselves.

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