A Dream that Seems to Get True

“If traveling was free, you would never see me again.” I saw this quote while surfing my Facebook news feed and trust me, something inside me broke a little too much. Perhaps, it was my heart, breaking one moment at a time. Sigh! My decade old dream of vacationing in Paris came in front of my eyes once again and all I could do was see my dream sinking into oblivion because obviously traveling ain’t free and my 9–5 job hardly allows me to make ends meet, let alone fulfilling my dream vacation. A job that helps me pay bills, but never brings me closer to my dreams!

Yeah. I know. I can be categorically melodramatic at times. But, hey! you feel me, right? Isn’t Paris love? I have seen people poking their nose in my business and convincing me that Paris is a distant dream and vacationing there wouldn’t solve my life issues. Never mind! Paris might not solve my life issues but, wouldn’t crying and sulking in front of Eiffel Tower be much better than shedding tears in my claustrophobic office cubicle? Maybe, I would click some selfies too. Come on! How can I not make people feel bad about their life through my Instagram and Snapchat stories of Paris? Alas! I can only do this in my dreams because Paris is for the lucky ones and I am not only unlucky but, broken too.

My only respite from this good-for-nothing life is my never-ending love for Crossword puzzles. When the chaos of life starts taking a toll on me, the Crossword aficionado within me comes out and calms my nerves by unleashing my inner wordsmith. How I love those brainstorming Crossword sessions! From analysing the cues and clues to finding the right answers, Crossword puzzles take my happiness to an altogether new level which, otherwise only my dream vacation to Paris could do. I have been an ardent fan of the New York Times Crossword puzzles and absolutely loved to get lost in the twists and twirls of its intelligently curated puzzles. I still remember how it boosted my vocabulary and linguistics. Good old days!

However, while trying to meet ends of daily life, even the Crossword enthusiast like me doesn’t get the time to break free with words. Amidst office, deadlines and broken dreams, the monotony of life had hit me hard until I came across Wealth Words. Words being my second love (Paris happens to be the first, forever!), this online game definitely attracted me towards it. And, guess what did I find? You won’t believe me but, Wealth Words actually lets you win real money for solving its Crossword puzzles correctly.

Imagine — winning cash prizes whilst enjoying and improving your word power right through your phone? It can be played anywhere and at any time. Maybe, this is how my dreams were meant to come true. Maybe, this is how Paris was calling me. I didn’t think even once and registered with Wealth Words. All I was required to do was purchase a few tokens worth $2 each and there I was, moving smoothly through each phase with correct answers and making real money out of it. I was not only mentally but, emotionally charged up too. And, yes! I got all the 20 answers correct in its fixed time frame of one hour and won the first division cash prize. Wealth Words even has second division prizes for the puzzlers with the second highest correct answers if no division one is won. So, even if you are a novice, you can definitely win some real money. Moreover, there’s a cherry on the cake too! Its super word puzzles allow the puzzlers to win bigger pool of cash prizes through correct answers. 
Isn’t it downright awesome?

I have been playing it regularly since the day I registered on it and, trust me, slowly and steadily I have made ample money out of it. Just need to play a few more of its enticing word puzzles and I will be good to fly to Paris. Bon Voyage!

PS: If you too want to win money with crosswords, register for Wealth Words here.