Tutoring help for students in London

Before discussing the tutoring help for students in London, let us look at some relevant statistics related to the private tuition market in London as well as in UK. The survey conducted by Judy Ireson at the Institute of Education, London, in the year 2013, reveals that more than a quarter of the students, belonging to the age group of 11–18 years, have taken the help of the private tuition at some point of time and the number is steadily increasing. This is an average and extremely conservative estimate and the same survey has also reflected that in case of some schools, almost 100 percent of the students have resorted to the help of the private tutors for a considerable amount of time during their school life.

The market of the private tuition in London is the most vibrant in all over UK and the tuition demand is most in the key stage 1 and key stage 2.

However the same market is also steadily growing for the GCSE and A-level students. The tuition market also varies from subject to subject, the maximum demand being for the English & Maths tutors.

Why the demand for extra tutoring help is growing for the students? The survey and the reports of various tutoring agencies as well as the independent agencies suggest that the demand for extra tuition is growing for various factors, but the main being the willingness of the parents to help their child in coping up with the school syllabus, especially in the subjects in which they feel that their child is suffering from deficiencies so far as the concept and understanding of those subjects are concerned. There is another dominating factor that influences the students to go for private tutoring help and that is, the fear of examination. More that 80 percent of the students have said that they are afraid of the examination preparation and, being anxious about making their preparation perfect, they sought extra help from the private tutors. Private tutors are appointed by the parents especially in the Year 6 so as to make sure that their child gets admission in a reputed secondary school. The students who are failing to catch up the classes, either due to ailment or due to their inefficiency in following the classes, are also a big market for the private tutors. Sometimes the students who have left the school for a considerable amount of time, say a year or two, also go for private tuition to make up the deficiencies because of the long detachment with the regular academic curriculum.

The tuition market in London for the students could be categorised on the basis of the ways the tuitions are being offered to the students.

Anyone can act as a private tutor depending upon his/her knowledge in various subjects. The private tutors comprise of the college students, retired school teachers and professors, retired professionals and even the teachers who are still working and are yet to be retired. Some of these tutors act independently based on their reputation as a private tutor and based on the contact they can develop through the students and their parents. They offer tuition by going to the home of the students and some tutors are there to whom the students come to take the extra tuition help. Some tutors work as a member of cooperatives formed to provide private tutors to the students. In this case the member tutors provide some of their income to the cooperative for running the same and keep the rest of the income with themselves.

Apart from the above two categories, there are professional agencies who have a large number of private tutors registered with them. There are some agencies with as much as 10000 tutors registered with them. These professional agencies work in various ways. Sometimes they act as the information center for the parents and the tutors and create a bridge in between the two groups. They get the enquiries from the parents and convey the information to the tutors, suitable to fulfil the demand of the students. The agencies take a percentage of income from the tutors. Another way is to have the tutors in their payroll, and the tutors are paid salaries by the agencies as a part time and full time employee of the same. Apart from providing tuitions for the development of the understanding of the students in various subjects, various online and off line agencies are there to help the students in doing their homework, assignments and other activities related to their course curriculum. These helps are provided not only for the students of the age 11–18 but beyond that and up to the post graduation level assignment works.

With the state of the art information technology, during the past decade, the online tutoring help has emerged strongly and are presently one dominating player in the private tutoring market of London as well as the rest of the UK. These companies provide help on a variety of subjects to the students with the aim of developing the concept of the subject. The online tutoring companies have both part time and full time tutors in their payroll and employ a large number of experts in different subjects. One important feature of these online tutoring companies is that, they employ their subject experts from the regions beyond the national boundaries of the UK and thus act as an excellent source of highly knowledgeable and efficient subject experts in each and every field of education, as well as for every level of education. Moreover, the students can avail their service at any convenient time during day or night.

The private tutoring helps for the students in London have found to be growing because of its rising demand amongst the students. Even the schools sometimes suggest the parents to provide their child some sort of extra help so that he/she can cope up with the school syllabus and can score good grade points to augment the academic record. As discussed in the foregoing paragraphs, the tutoring help comes in various ways to the students of London, and it is up to the student how he/she wants to take the advantage of a well organised tutoring market in London. The private tuition help to the students are getting more and more attractive, because the private tutors not only help the students in winning over the subjects they study but also because most of the parents feel that the private tutoring has played a significant role in developing the confidence of their child because of the encouragement and the efficient techniques of the private tutors in teaching their child.

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