Methods of Weighing the Material Proportion in Concrete Batching Plant

There are two basic requirements to weigh the material proportion in concrete batching plant.
First, be accurate as far as possible.
Second, know the average condition.
As for the accuracy, the weighing accuracy of the weight is bigger than the weighing accuracy of the volume. The followings are the reasons to explain it:
First, the influence of weather. As we all know, the proportion of water and cement is definite, but it may be affected because of the influence of weather, temperature and environment. Expansion and contraction, or weather will make the volume lose control, which produces a certain error. However, the weighing of the weight produces a tiny error. So we make sure the proportion by weight.
Second, the influence of gravel. The gravel is indispensable in the batching of concrete in the concrete mixing plant. It is necessarily unscientific to weigh the volume of gravel. The volume of gravel changes necessarily with the change of placement of gravel. The gap between gravels has a great influence on the volume of gravels. At the moment, the weighing of weight is more accurate (neglecting the air).
Third, it is not absolute accurate to weigh only once. Circumstances permitting, users can weigh it many times. The results will be more accurate.
Therefore, the material proportion in the concrete mixing and batching plant is weighed by weight not by volume and multiple weighing can be more accurate.

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