Six Points for Attention When Building Concrete Mixing Plant

The construction of concrete mixing plant equipment is not to say to buy concrete batching plant equipment, needs some specific characteristics. Here, technical personnel from BONA Enterprise will teach you how to build a good concrete batching plant.
1. The construction site of concrete batching plant equipment. The size of the construction site depends on the size of concrete batching plant and the floor area of different concrete batching plants is different.
2. The concrete batching plant equipment should be built in the sparsely populated location. For example, in suburb. And it can reduce the influence of noise and dust.
3. When building the construction sites of concrete mixing plant, users should plan well for the construction site and the reasonable placement of raw materials, and make it easy to facilitate feeding supplement.
4. Every concrete batching plant equipment has 1–2 pools to meet the requirements of the mixing and cleaning of the machine.
5. Every production line should be equipped with at least two appropriate cement silos and three cement silos are the best, which can make it take turns to use and replenish in time, meet the requirements of the production of concrete and does not have the backlog of cement. The large concrete pump with fly ash and additives should be placed according to the site situation and also it should be convenient to use.
6. As for the delivery of finished product concrete, concrete pump can be chose to use, which is based on the requirements of delivery distance and height, and the concrete supply. Generally, it is placed before the concrete mixer and the concrete is conveyed to the pouring position by pump line. It also can be placed close to pouring site and the concrete is conveyed by concrete transport vehicle.
The above is necessary factors to build a good concrete mixing and batching plant. After the foundation of these necessary characteristics, the other configuration equipment of concrete batching plant can be built as the requirements of production. After it is built, this kind of concrete batching plant is of simplicity, efficiency and security, and can ensure the completion of everyday workload in time.

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