Explore the Hidden Gems of South India with the Golden Chariot Luxury Train

Have you ever wondered of exploring the beautiful and mesmerising states of South India in a unique way? Well, all thanks to the famous Golden Chariot luxury train which takes you on a journey that is combined with extravagance and comfort. Board Golden Chariot to experience rail tourism like never before. It is a perfect way to explore the South India which has great archaeological wealth, a kaleidoscope of culture and not to forget, a bounty for wildlife seeker. You can just recline and relax while the train takes you through the different routes thus helping you explore the hidden gems of South India.

You get to experience two worlds at the same time, grandeur on the inside and royalty and beauty from the outside. There is no wasting any more time and embark on the scumptous journey to discover what South India has to offer. Tourists get to take a tour through the magnificent World Heritage sites at Hampi and Pattadakkal, Golden Beaches of Goa, temples at Belur and Halebid and not to forget Wildlife Reserve at Nagarhole. To help you understand better, mentioned are some of the hidden gems or routes tourists get to explore of South India with the famous Golden Chariot luxury train:


Tourists get a traditional welcome at the Yeshwanthpur railway station. Being the capital of Karnataka, Bengaluru is one of the top and most considered tourist destination. One gets to experience lavishness like never before. While you are here in Bengaluru, you can mesmerise your senses with the traditional art exhibition. Do not forget to take a glimpse of the folk dance performance at the Chitkrakala Parishad. It is also a great way to pay a visit the glorious The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) temple.


Another hidden gem you get to explore while aboard the Golden Chariot luxury train is Mysuru/Kabini. The train from Mysuru takes you through the spectacular and breath-taking wilderness to Kabini. Earlier, Kabini was a hunting retreat of the famous and renowned Mysore Maharajas. The real excitement is derived when you go for a safari ride where you get to spot some rare and wild animals.


Apart from experiencing the captivating beauty of Mysuru/Kabini, the Golden Chariot luxury train also offers you to explore Hassan. You get to start your journey to Asia’s largest and tallest monolith at Shravanabelagola. Apart from this, it is also the place to experience the never-ending glory of the 10th century through beautiful Hoysala architecture at Halebeedu and Belur. The intricate workmanship of the friezes, sculptures and ornate pillars will definitely leave you spellbound.

Apart from the ones mentioned, the Golden Chariot takes you deep inside to explore the beauty of South India. Do not delay and book your first journey online at affordable Golden Chariot train fare.

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