Stayhome Care — the change in social care

The social care sector is failing.

A lack of investment from successive governments, an ageing population and undervalued carers leaving the profession at the rate of hundreds a day has led to where we are now. And it cannot continue.

Our society must reevaluate the social care system. This is why I am launching Stayhome Care.

Social care has come front and centre of the General Election 2017. The Labour and Conservative parties have both put forward radically different policies to handle the situation. Jeremy Corbyn put together a plan which would put £8 billion across his first term into the system to reduce the growing pressure on the NHS while Theresa May wants elderly people to pay for their care out of their estate.

While there are arguments for and against both policies, little has been made of what the provision of elderly care will be going forward.

The system is in desperate need of innovation. We live in a golden age for technology — AI, VR, connected homes and mobile technology are delivering more efficient, smarter ways of living, communicating and working. Yet social care is still moving at a snail’s pace. How is this possible?

The Dutch model of Buurtzorg has been a success in the Netherlands and has been adopted by a small number of local authorities in the UK. But it is not enough.

Social care should be human. The agency model is broken because the human element is removed from the process. Too often it is about finding someone to plug a hole in a roster.

Families want choice to know their loved ones are receiving the best care possible from carers of their choosing. Carers want to build meaningful connections with those they look after and manage their own workloads. And elderly people deserve respect and help to carry out the basic living tasks they struggle with on a daily basis.

Stayhome Care will change the way carers and families connect — making for a fairer, simpler system for all. I will be releasing more details soon.

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