Challenge 6&7 of 52 — Get…engaged?

Welcome back. If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, it’s right HERE. If you have already watched the trailer and you would like to see the movie then IT, is right HERE.

I got engaged

I knew I wanted to go to New York City once more before Margarita moved here to Toronto. And I also knew that I wanted to marry her. So, why not combine the two? Once I get an idea in my head, I tend to rely on different, random variables to either confirm or deny my idea. If all of those variables end up working out in favour of my idea — then I listen to them. And this is exactly what happened.

I was browsing for rings when the manager approached me and asked if I needed any assistance. We ended up chatting for a bit and she informed me that on the weekend before Valentine’s, all rings would be 55% off. This was a major variable that favoured my idea quite well aaaannndddd I ended up seeing her that weekend to take advantage of that sale. She then asked if I had one of their rewards/credit cards and said I could get another 15% off. Guess if I signed up or not. Of course I did. You know, a lot of people think I’m cheap, and for the most part they’re right (as I’m currently eating “Honey Nut Oat O’s” — the off-brand of Honey Nut Cheerios). But I’m cheap on myself. I value experiences and hanging out with good people far more than I value fancy things and this is where Margarita and I get along so well. When I told her about the deal I got on the ring, she was equally as excited as I was.

So I bought the ring, and flew to NYC the following weekend (Valentine’s Day weekend) not telling Margarita a thing. One of the trickiest parts was trying to get rid of her hours at work which I managed to do so through her sister (THANK YOU INESA). I then managed to navigate to her apartment using public transit…what a ride that was. Rang the buzzer, knocked on her door and no answer. Great…now I have to turn on my phone…here come the roaming charges. I got ahold of her and she was blow-drying her hair. And also scared that someone was at her door. A couple weeks prior to this I had asked her for her address so I could “ship a package” there. I then used this little set-up to get her to see if it was at her door. It worked. She was shocked. She was crying. It was perfect. But there was still a lot more to come.

I had made a reservation at a fancy restaurant downtown Manhattan at Columbus Circle called Landmarc. I also mentioned in the reservation that I hoped to be newly engaged by the time we got there so a bottle of their (finest) cheapest champagne at our table when we arrive would be perfect (their cheapest bottle was $60…). I had also arranged a driver (through Craigslist) who I gave the plans to and he executed perfectly (I did not cheap out on the driver, it was a Lexus…but I did get a cheaper rate because I told him we’d be newly engaged so he gave me $10 off). His name is Tali and I still have his number, let me know if you want the hook-up.

We were off to dinner and on the way, we stopped at Queensbridge Park. Amazing view. I got pretty lucky. I just assumed that it would be good because it was by a bridge at night time beside Manhattan and maaaannnn was I ever right. This is where it happened. Not a soul in sight. It was incredible. Everything had gone to plan. We then actually headed off to dinner after the proposal and had an incredible weekend.

Another One

If you’re noticing the quality of this blog is dwindling, it’s because it’s almost 7pm and I told everybody the video would be posted by then. The next challenge is a secret also… and it’s something I never thought I would ever do.

“You can feel sore tomorrow, or you can feel sorry tomorrow. You choose.”

- Unknown