Quantum Thinking — A New Mental Superpower, As Explained by Huge Nerds
Christian Keil

“Arthur Schopenhauer, renowned quantum physicist”

EDIT: Arthur Schopenhauer was a philosopher, who died 60 years before the emergence of quantum mechanics as a field.

I would argue that ‘quantum thinking’ is a nice metaphor for intellectual rigor in the face of uncertainty. However, intellectual rigor is just one of several preconditions for valuable thought, not a ‘mental superpower’.

It is also very difficult to distinguish between someone who chooses not to deliberate multiple positions at once and someone who actually does, but still chooses to argue vehemently for a single position.

I agree that being actively open-minded is very important. However I don’t see how dressing this up as ‘quantum thought’ really helps. In fact, if one were seeking to help the great majority of people who have difficulty being actively open-minded, I’m not sure if quantum mechanical allusions are useful!

I make this point because I notice my own tendency to seek out pithy, scientific-poetic terms for common sense notions, and I have come to question the value of over-egging our puddings.

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