Making the Connection

A fictitious interview with Steve Bannon.

The year is 2020 and we are just a couple of months away from our next presidential election. The candidates have spent the last year running a very heated and controversial set of campaigns. No matter which candidate you support Senator Elizabeth Warren (RP) and President Donald Trump (R) have further divided the American people and have brought our country to the brink of economic collapse.

Here at BNN (Bookface News Network) we are proud to have been given the opportunity to interview the chief architect of President Trump’s campaign and the former Chief Strategist for the White house, Steve Bannon.

BNN : First, Steve thank you for taking the time to sit down with us today. Can you help us finally put to rest the reason why you resigned your position at the White house?

Bannon : Sure. It was political. You have to understand that there is a vast left-wing conspiracy that involves members and ownership of the mainstream media, and a cabal of embedded liberal idealists in our Congress and in our federal agencies. They fabricated claims about my beliefs and about our goals in the White house, and positioned us against the interests of the public.

This all came together with the deaths of the National Guard at the Chicago riots. There was a lot of internal pressure at the time from certain members of the cabinet, and as you know the congressional hearings on interior actions were underway. The President and I decided it would be best if I resigned.

BNN : Is it true that there was an intelligence community dossier on your past and present connections that was given to the President just before your resignation?

Bannon : No, I don’t think so. I mean, I am sure there was a file on all of us, but this was about politics. Members of the Committee on Interior Actions, including Senator Warren were leaking information to the press, and I think that is why you ended up with some of that fake news.

BNN : Tell us about the media detainment actions and your role in that?

Bannon : It had become clear that the press could not be trusted. We knew we couldn’t trust them in the lead up to the last election and when they started publishing all of the stories about connections to Lev Leviev, Jared Kushner, Aras Agalarov, Putin, and Bayrock (One of the former lenders to President Trump), we knew that we had to do something.

Attorney General Sessions, National Security Adviser Flynn, and the President and I got together and drafted Executive Order 16211 in an effort to help protect the American people from those who continued to create fake news and to lie. Frankly, I don’t think we went far enough. There should be a lot more of the media in prison.

BNN : And the deaths, did you or any of the cabinet order the deaths of journalists?

Bannon : Of course not. That’s ridiculous. Just more fake news. The media are criminals and liars.

BNN : It’s a coincidence that 4 of CNN’s staff and 6 at the New York Times had heart attacks or committed suicide over a 90 day period while they were detained?

Bannon : I don’t know why they died. Maybe it was their time.

BNN : Some would say that those are Putin tactics. Many of those in the Russian intelligence community and in the Russian press have mysteriously died and of the same causes.

Bannon : Is that a question?

BNN : Let’s move on. Did you or the President have any relationship or contact with Vladimir Putin or Russian officials in the lead up to the 2016 presidential election?

Bannon : Of course not. We made this clear when we awarded Putin the Presidential Medal of Freedom, President Trump spoke about it. We believe that Putin had been framed for the war crimes in Syria and Ukraine and he was wrongly accused of meddling in our elections.

Wikileaks has now proven that in fact Russians did not hack the DNC servers or have anything to do with our elections. That was all fabricated by the left and the Resistance. They are trying to destroy America and everything we stand for.

BNN : The Medal of Freedom is a civilian award, the highest. Do you really think it was appropriate to execute an executive order just for Putin?

Bannon : Of course it was, the Russians are our allies and President Putin has gone out of his way to grant us access to the Russian oil and the bases we need to fly our sorties. We are never going to win the war against China and liberalism with this mindset that President Putin is not to be trusted. That is a cold war mindset that the liberals and the criminal media uses to advance their agenda.

BNN : About the war in the South China Sea, do you really think we have a chance of winning?

Bannon : We do, but only if Congress will act. When they passed the restrictions on first use of nuclear weapons in 2017 they violated the constitution and stripped the Commander in Chief of the powers he needs to save this country.

BNN : So you are saying that we would use nuclear weapons against China?

Bannon : We won’t have to. As soon as they know that the President has the authority to launch them, they will back down, and they will leave the islands of Taiwan.

BNN : Some in the Resistance Party have said that yours and the Presidents real goal with ‘draining the swamp’ rhetoric in the last election was to remove liberal values and ideals from the planet. That you think liberties and rights for all people is a disease, that all people are not created equal. Can you clarify your position on this for our viewers?

Bannon : What those in the Resistance Party and the occupied territories and their embedded spies need to understand is that they are on the wrong side of history. When California fell during the Interior Action Conflicts we made it clear that they were not welcome back. The swamp was always about liberalism. The criminal media may have thought it meant something else, but it didn’t. I read some articles where they thought it was about money and our financial institutions.

Logically, why would we have ever been against financial institutions and those with money? Our founding families, like the Mercers and great companies like Goldman-Sachs, are the people who built this country and made it what it is today. You would never want to drain a power center of money. You want to fill it with money. That’s how you win.

BNN : Win what? What exactly do you win? It should be no surprise that our viewers are getting a little tired of the Interior Action Conflicts. American citizens are stressed. Chicago, Boston, and New York City are still under martial law. People are saying they no longer get full rations with their Voter ID Cards, and the United States of California is said to be launching their own missile defense system in cooperation with their allies in the reformed EU.

Bannon : First of all, we do not recognize the USC as a legitimate or sovereign nation. There is plenty of food for everyone. It may not be fruit, nuts, or wine, but it is plenty, and we will have the grain silos and dairy farms that were sabotaged back on-line in the next couple of weeks, President Trump has already made all of that clear.

The great economist and philosopher Aleksandr Dugin is the real contemporary here, and if you read the incredible observations he made in The Elementy and some of the key insights he made while at Kathon then you will start to understand where our future lies. That’s why Dugin has been appointed as one our key advisers on economic policy.

To better understand what is worth winning you have to follow the money. Any person with money, I mean real money, like access to hundreds of billions of dollars, will tell you that money is the goal. With that you can do anything else you want, including change the world for the better.

BNN : If that is the case why is our GDP less than half of what it was in 2016? When will the stock markets open again? Will we ever be able to pay those loans back to Russia?

Bannon : That’s exactly why we are running, so we can finally get the authority we need. The authority to shut down the corrupt Congress. The authority to reclaim our western homelands. The right to get China and the EU back in their place.

We have the money and all the resources we need. We just need the illegitimate parts of humanity to get out of the way and to stop obstructing us from the inevitable.


BNN is proud to bring this interview to you as the first of a series of interviews we are having with the leadership that has reshaped our country. We have requested an interview with Senator Elizabeth Warren (RP) and are awaiting approval and full authorization of broadcast from the Federal Elections Commission Communications Director. Stay tuned.



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