The Apple-Google shift
Elliot Jay Stocks

Thanks for the perspective and you make a lot of salient points. As someone who has switched back and forth a couple of times now, I couldn’t agree more with some of the examples.

That said, I find two additional ecosystem traits worth considering each time I go to make that choice. First, hardware design and technology on the Android / Google side has become much more compelling if you desire something more cutting edge or innovative, e.g. form factors, materials, displays, cameras, etc.

Second, usability in app and software design in these ecosystems usually comes down to number and types of inputs required for simple or fundamental tasks. IOS / Apple is still winning in most use cases here…as if they have a deeper understanding of use and needs at any one point in time. I find myself taking a sigh of relief coming back to an Apple device or software sometimes if for no other reason than it takes fewer inputs and / or an intuitive gesture can be made on a basic activity.

Right now, I am sitting back weighing those two ‘needs’ or that ‘value’ as I consider my next set of purchase decisions.

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