How did LEEN contribute to my life as an entrepreneur?

LEEN a.k.a diving into liminality and educational entrepreneurship has taught me many important lessons. The project enriched my life as a cultural entrepreneur and gave me the chance to explore a world I wasn’t aware of before.

In the two year life span of the project, I have visited 5 different countries — Portugal, Romania, Turkey, Hungary, United Kingdom — worked with 10 partners from all over Europe and interacted with hundreds of students who were part of the local entrepreneurship clubs. Although I traveled across Europe before, the project gave me a glimpse into the everyday life of remote areas; obstacles and challenges these students face or might face in the future. I met elementary school students who have never seen a foreigner before. I know these encounters were life changing for them because it showed them a perspective that was beyond their regional reach. It taught them how to dream big, the same way my trip to Switzerland at the age of 13 showed me that there’s a whole world out there I could explore. That special trip boosted my confidence and set me on a journey towards becoming an international entrepreneur.

I had the privilege to design 6 Liminal Labs and learnt through collaborative learning how to translate theory into practice. Through conceptualisation, testing, iteration and implementing design thinking approach we were able to design educational tools that help teachers as well as students adopt a different mindset — an important requirement of the 21st century. We know that 80% of jobs will be obsolete in the coming 20 years and most of our work will be automated. It’s our responsibility as citizens to give the next generation a better chance of tackling professional and societal challenges. The global economy is sum of interconnected networks and we live in an era where the Internet lets us work remotely — anytime, anywhere. I believe it’s our responsibility to teach our children how to be resilient, creative, innovative, curious, self-confident, empathetic, optimistic, and giving.

LEEN was a step to make this transition smoother. I think we reached our objective, made immense impact in the lives of hundreds, and while I joined the project to be an inspiration, contributing with my existing knowledge to the team, I eventually ended up being inspired. I became a better human being thanks to LEEN.

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Author: Dora Belme, cultural entrepreneur, project partner in the LEEN project

The LEEN project is funded by the ERASMUS+ programme (Agreement No. : 2015–1-BEO2-KA2O1-O12334).

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