I need another I

I don’t know how many souls I have.
 I’ve changed at every moment.
 I always feel like a stranger.
 I’ve never seen or found myself.
Poem by Fernando Pessoa

That’s how teenagers feel. It has always been like that and it will always be. They are constantly changing and feeling lost. The desire to be and find themselves is part of being young.

Fernando Pessoa, a Portuguese poet, wrote “I don’t know how many souls I have. /I’ve changed at every moment.” In fact, teenagers feel their one body is not enough for so many desires, for so many dreams. Those are the dreams that need to be heard, understood, guided and supported.

Schools are the place where they spend most of their time, so it is a good place to learn to be more autonomous, more creative and more dynamic. They need to dream, dare and do.

I really believe that teachers can help them find their way. They like to talk about their ideas, their projects, but they also like to learn about other people’s experiences. They need to turn their dreams alive, tell others about them and share ideas.

When talking about the LEEN project, one student said: “I told them about my Nutella idea and they didn’t laugh.” They fear the judgment of others, but they need support and encouragement to follow their dreams and they will only get it if they talk about them.

When discussing about future projects with my students, one of them said: “I need another I” and he explained: “There are so many different things I would like to do.”

Let’s encourage and support those little dreams. We may have a chance to see a big success.

Author: Paula Araújo, teacher and member of LEEN (Liminality & Educational Entrepreneurship)

The LEEN project is funded by the ERASMUS+ programme (Agreement No. : 2015–1-BEO2-KA2O1-O12334).

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