Life in the Estonian countryside

We are the creators of our own lives

Hello, we are Kati and Ingmar from Estonia. We are so happy to be in this great project. And not only for sharing our competence, knowledge, ideas and experiences with all the people in the project but for getting so much back from it. Entrepreneurship is something very important for us. We have seen and strongly believe that by raising our children in entrepreneurial mindset they will find their way easier in this hectic and complicated world. We don´t want them to study in order to get a good job, we want them to see the studies and world as an open opportunity to create something by themselves and just enjoy every minute of it.

Samuel, Ruben and me

We are a married couple with two small children- Samuel 5 and Ruben 3, and we are both entrepreneurs.

But to tell you more about our story, we need to go back to 2008. It was the year when we decided to leave the city dust and move to live in south of Estonia, to the very countryside. So, in spring we just left our pretty good jobs and thought that after a lazy summer we will start to look for a new jobs in our new place. And there we were after a few month, in the middle of the hot summer having our first company and few month later: an NGO. Ingmar started to provide the local IT support for his old employer and I started to build up the local community youth-work. But - being kind to our own bosses, but still a lot dependent on one big employer, we were hunger for more.

We asked ourselves: what are the things we really would love to do and what is the lifestyle we want to have? To have more freedom and joy of life. That was our desired future because we both loved working at home without depending on working hours as much as we loved to go to running in the middle of the day or travel whenever we wanted. Our goal has never been to have a lot of money and things. The good health, happiness and being with the family have been our priorities and we work as much and as less we need for that.

So, we were looking for more opportunities to learn new things, open new windows and really do things that we love. It was time full of working, risks and living with very few opportunities. But at the same time we were so happy that we could be the creators of our own lives. So after a few years we started to be freelancers- Ingmar as webmaster and me as an Art of Hosting and Graphic Facilitator practitioner and trainer.

At the moment we really enjoy our everyday life. Most of the times we don’t need to wake up with alarm clock, we can enjoy easy breakfast together and then walk our children to the kindergarten. We love this easy and quiet life in the countryside, surrounded by nature and more and more try to live conscious and healthy life. We still need to work quite a lot and our work makes us sometimes to travel even abroad but everything we do is for our own sake, not for somebody else. Our work has not only opened new windows but huge doors, we have grown and learnt and I can say that we became valued and required professionals in our fields.

Our story has inspired and encouraged some people to do changes in their lives and that is why we continue sharing it. More satisfied people make more happy and safe world :)

Be the creator of your own life!

Author: Kati Orav, graphic facilitator and AoH practioner at Kating Noored, Estonia, project partner in LEEN.

The LEEN project is funded by the ERASMUS+ programme (Agreement No. : 2015–1-BEO2-KA2O1-O12334).

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