Almost gone (I promise, mom)

And we’re off! The past two weeks have been a blur; packing, a series of goodbyes, last days of work, packing, a weekend in DC, packing and panicking over how little time we have left to do all the things that need doing before we spend an indefinite amount of time abroad.

For anyone who has not heard our plan for the first few months abroad, here’s my elevator pitch that I have perfected, rehearsed, and performed for strangers and family alike;

“So Ava and I leave on the 23rd and fly out of Montreal to Lyon, which is in central France, we’ll be there for a few days visiting friends and wandering the city, and then my aunt is in town for a conference so we can hitch a ride with her and spend a few nights in Saint Etienne which isn’t far out, but after that we’re heading farther south to Provence to spend a little time at my grandparents’ house and see my family. Wander around France or something for a couple weeks and then on October 30th, we fly up to London with my godmother and Katy (or “another girl I graduated with” if they don’t know her) will be joining us in London and we’ll just be backpacking through the U.K. In November. It’ll be interesting for sure! *shrugs and kinda laughs*”

As for the things I will miss the most, I’ve compiled a list:

  • Probably my mom (don’t tell her though)
  • Muddy Waters; what is my life without an unreasonable amount of coffee dates and study sessions in this dimly lit cafe with books I steal, wooden EVERYTHING, and secret little notes hidden in the crevices of the wall!!
  • My internet connection, but hopeful that will be worked out sooner rather than later
  • Clean clothes (not feeling this quite yet but as soon as Ava and I start to smell and need to do our laundry in public sinks, I’m sure it’ll hit me)
  • Knowing people as I walk down any given street in Burlington, the place is so damn small
  • Barack Obama, I just love that man ♥️
  • BTV sunsets, they’re just never not pretty
  • Hearing complaints from students, teachers, and community members about the mess that is Burlington High School
  • But mainly, MY BEAUTIFUL CAT
If she isn’t the cutest thing you’ve ever set your eyes on you need to get your eyes checked.

Anyways, super hyped about traveling with Ava and seeing family and picking grapes for a living and getting lost in any city, and lugging around a huge backpack, and eating fresh bread every second of the day. (Not sure how to end these so here’s an awkward picture of Ava.)

“Bright like the horizons we are going into”-Ava

Ok bye, we’re getting on the plane.