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Leena Prakash
3 min readJan 21, 2024

Once I read a blog post about how the ability to explain what you do, to a five-year-old shows how much you understand about your work!

Here’s a little back story to how I stumbled upon branding. My interest in brand management started when I saw an Instagram advertisement for a Master’s program in Luxury Brand Management at a university in France. Until then, I had no idea that you had something called brand management which was a light bulb moment. I immediately began researching it further. (You’ll probably come across the word ‘branding’ a lot, sorry!)

My marketing and branding journey began, thanks to Instagram again! where I discovered Digipivot, a digital marketing program offered by Google that required candidates to take a test and submit video interviews. After passing the first round and feeling confident about my video submissions, I was disappointed to learn I had not been selected. Though upset at first, I knew I could not give up.

My only issue was that I did not have a formal background in business or communications, as I had earned a bachelor’s degree in engineering. I began thinking about how I would respond to a recruiter if asked why they should choose me over someone with a marketing degree.

So, I decided to build a good portfolio of all the relevant skills, and also I could pitch the idea that marketing and business can be found almost anywhere.

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

I come from Chennai, a beautiful coastal city in India known for its culture oriented life. At breakfast stands and cafes on every street corner, as well as in the glass-faced office towers, locals engage in animated discussions of business and life.

Talking about breakfast, this is where I understood branding! Murugan idly shop is a famous restaurant back home, and also happens to be my favorite place to stop by for breakfast. The branding of Murugan Idly is so distinct that I could easily identify their dosai blindfolded, just by its taste. Even if given three plates of dosai, from three different restaurants, with one from Murugan idly, I would recognize murugan’s food. Its signature chutneys and exceptional flavor sets them apart. This skill to immediately distinguish Murugan’s food reflects the powerful uniqueness of their brand.

Ghee roast dosai from Murugan idly shop.

Their signature chutneys (or as I would say, their style) help set them apart, making them recognizable. This distinct identity is their branding.

Branding for me goes beyond fancy fonts or logos — it’s about creating an experience and evoking a feeling in consumers. The ultimate goal for any brand is to foster an emotional connection and sense of identification with its audience.



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