10 Tips to take professional photos

Photography is a widespread hobby among people around the world and of all ages, however, to achieve a good result in photos it is necessary to use certain techniques or tools. For this reason, we present you with the best tips for taking professional photos.

1. The rule of thirds:

This is a very simple rule that despite its simplicity, it can make a difference when taking the picture. It is about dividing the screen of your camera into 9 equal parts (by using two parallel horizontal and vertical lines) and placing the camera lens in one third of them.

2. Adapt to the environment:

You don’t always have the perfect conditions to take a photograph, sometimes the colors and lights change quickly. In these cases, it is important to adjust the camera to changes in light.

3. Correct lens:

In the case of distant objectives, a telephoto lens will be more suitable, if, on the contrary, the photos are in a low-light environment, fixed optics lenses will become the best option.

4. Set resolution to the highest:

Low-resolution images are the most difficult to modify in post-production. Also, you won’t be able to cut it like you would with a higher resolution version. To be able to take them, it will be necessary to purchase a memory card with a higher capacity and change the configuration of your camera to take pictures in RAW format. (The format with the highest image quality).

5. Choose the lowest ISO:

Usually, the digital cameras that will be used will allow you to choose the ISO value. Choosing the default could cause many cases of noise-filled images. This is why if you have the time to take the picture, it is best to lower the ISO as low as possible (the actual sensor sensitivity usually coincides with the lowest ISO value). This change will ensure images without noise and much more vivid colors.

6. Get closer to your goals:

A large number of photographs are affected by this simple rule. Increasing the zoom from your camera is not the same as getting closer to the people you plan to take their photos. Be fearless, get close to the person or object you want to photograph.

7. A simple composition:

Do not fill your image with too many elements within it, try to find a balance between what you want to express with the camera. The worst thing that can happen in an image is losing your subject to secondary elements that do not add anything to the photograph.

8. The tripod is your friend:

Use the tripod when taking your photos, it will improve the stability of the camera, which is particularly useful in low light scenarios. In these scenarios, the tripod will improve the sharpness of the images and the focus in long exposure times.

9. Use the flash:

When looking to take portraits, use the flash. Even on a very sunny day, the flash will help prevent shadows from appearing on the subject’s face. The “fill flash” is not intended to illuminate the darkness, but to fill the subject’s face with light so that it is uniform with everything around it.

10. Don’t give up:

Getting the photo you want is not always easy and the number of things to take into account is many. So don’t be discouraged if your photo isn’t perfect on the first try.

Do not forget that there are many places where you can go deeper into photography and be a professional. You can start by enrolling in a basic Course in Photography and Camera Management, where you will learn how to properly handle a reflex camera and its accessories. As well, they will teach you to calculate the photographic exposure times and movements to carry out a professional photographic session.




My name is Leena, I’m a Photographer and Designer. Also, I’m a creative review blogger at listbay.org I’m a nature-lover that loves to travel and enjoy life.

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My name is Leena, I’m a Photographer and Designer. Also, I’m a creative review blogger at listbay.org I’m a nature-lover that loves to travel and enjoy life.

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