Awesome Node.js development tools for 2015

With the arrival of Node.js, creating a website in JavaScript is very easy and cost-effective. This framework brings a massive changeover in the web application development with the advanced push innovation instead of using old web sockets. With these beneficial aspects, Node.js is gaining popularity among web developers who aspire to develop their next website in this framework.

There are many prominence tools in Node.js which helps in designing and establishing a successful website and mobile application with ease. Here are 7 useful and amazing Node.js development tools which ease the burden of a Node.js developer.


Creating the web or mobile application in Node.js is not an anymore difficult task with the help of Express framework. It is a highly flexible framework and fully integrated with a wide range of features. It has great tools and features for developing the useful website.

It automatically connects many needed tools when it is installed, which helps to ease the work to the larger extent. Express, the web development framework, comes with the connect middleware tool and many new functionalities for establishing an excellent web site in Node.js framework. It also helps to create model-driven apps.


The most useful tool of Node.js is specially created for establishing a flexible and advanced mobile application effortlessly. Real-time and enterprise-grade application creation is very simple with many cutting-edge features of Sails.js tool. It is very useful for managing and maintaining the coding of the apps with ease. Apps can be created at a faster pace. It also saves time by automating the process of creating the models and controllers.

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