40 Truths you Know about Life by Age 40

  1. Never give up, just adjust
  2. The things that mean the most are usually the hardest
  3. It’s ok to not get along with everyone
  4. Keep those you love close
  5. It’s ok to care about how you look
  6. There is nothing wrong with just being
  7. Life can sometimes really suck
  8. There is a lot of beauty in small things
  9. You are what you eat
  10. Exercise
  11. Life is work, work is life, so don’t waste it
  12. Sometimes people can suck
  13. Anything is possible if you’re real about it
  14. Everything is possible but not all at once
  15. You definitely are the company that you keep
  16. Love is always worth fighting for
  17. People are only immortal through what they create
  18. Money is means and not an end
  19. Relationships ebb and flow
  20. People come and go
  21. Beauty is in the small things
  22. If you see it you can do it
  23. Things don’t usually happen as planned
  24. It’s good to disengage sometimes
  25. Surround yourself with people who make you smile
  26. We are all going to die some day
  27. It’s never worth it to be late or waste time
  28. When it’s fun it’s easy
  29. Don’t bother with people who don’t get you
  30. Sleep
  31. Some drugs can be useful
  32. Adjust expectations
  33. It’s ok to be negative sometimes
  34. Be real all of the time
  35. It’s ok to not give a crap
  36. Time is limited
  37. Laugh everyday
  38. Hug everyday
  39. Today is the youngest you’ll ever be
  40. Live