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After a few months of silence, am back with some impressive updates for you on Onam day — a festival celebrated in Kerala, India. Also, wishing you all a happy and safe festive season this year.

Above is the feedback about We built it to help customers transition online during this pandemic times.

Until April, we only had an interface for our yoga studio owners/teachers. Our interaction with yoga students was through messages — SMSs or WhatsApp. Now we have a portal for students instead…

It was a great Keynote @ Agile India 2016, by Timothy Fitz. Timothy Fitz coined the term Continuous Deployment @ IMVU, where Lean Startup was born.

The slides were spot on explaining how branching is an anti-pattern for continuous integration.

The main takeaway for me was his points related to Staging environments.

The staging environment is always considered as a second class citizen. And we hardly get any feedback because there are no actual users.

I started thinking about how many times I’ve got real feedback from staging servers. Hardly any. We needed an environment to open…

I think I know the real reason we aren’t allowed to push our changes.. they don’t trust us. Doesn’t that bother you?

Heroine Maxine — In Unicorn Project, gets this epiphany while she was waiting for approval. She was breaking her to head to answer “Why the developers aren’t allowed to push to production?”. And then she realises the real reason is lack of trust. You can imagine how hard it is to work when you recognise that the management or the team don’t trust you.

I hope many of us are not working in a similar situation — restricted…

I am making too many uncommitted changes. I am not taking small steps, not the continuous delivery way.

Even though I am a practitioner of continuous delivery, at times, I make big changes. It usually happens when I start working, and then move on to something because of an emergency. Or we decide to hold on the feature we started with. It can also happen when I am experimenting with an idea or a library.

But I quickly become aware of the mistake. It is not because I need to follow the rule. …

Happy women’s day ❣👍🙏🌹

I received similar messages over the previous weekend as direct messages from friends over Twitter or WhatsApp or as part of WhatsApp groups. I appreciate the sender’s intention. But I am unhappy when I receive the message.

An equal world is an enabled world. How will you help forge a gender equal world?
Celebrate women’s achievement. Raise awareness against bias. Take action for equality.


Women’s day intends to bring equality. And it is not sufficient that we think about equality on March 8th every year. Instead, it should be practised every day. It is…

Above is the super-short summary of the recently concluded Women Droid Meetup. The meetup’s focus is to provide a safe space for women to talk about the challenges they face, specifically as a consequence of working in technology and find solutions along with the right kind of support, within the group.

Goda Ramkumar concentrated on how you should own your journey, sharing her journey by practising the theory. She did a great job on summarising it, the major takeaways are:

  • Be confident when asking for something you deserve.
  • Aspire your career
  • Practice 5Cs — Curious, Clear, Communicative, Confident, Consistent


I participated in the Real Skills Conference from Akimbo by Seth Godin.

A worldwide online conference for people who care about the work they do.

The world tends to focus on activities that can be measured. Measured by a number, an increment, a point on a graph.

Maybe it’s time to focus on growing people in a way that can’t be calculated by a percentage or a simple score.

Maybe it’s time to focus on the skills that matter.

The conference was for two hours over Zoom with 80% participation and 20% speakers. Overall experience was great, never thought we…

One of the vital aspects of database transaction is Atomicity, i.e. either it is done or rolled back (during failures or errors) entirely. There is nothing half done. It is like binary, i.e. done or not done.

When I started using Capistrano for deployment, I was impressed by how well it is designed for Atomic deployment. It switches to the new code when everything all deployment steps are successful. And this allows zero-downtime deployments too. And PaaS tools like Heroku applies the same magic too. git push origin heroku, boom, it’s deployed. If something goes wrong, no changes are effected.


Thank You Leena Ma’am for giving such an insightful talk on “Stimulus JS — Sprinkle JS on HTML”. I loved your talk on how Stimulus JS can be used to easily included in HTML and making development faster.

Thank you for the talk showing that there are other simple and powerful options beyond the known players like ReactJS, Angular or VueJS. It was insightful.

I knew that ReactJS was overkill for me. But never realised I had other options. Thank you for making me realise the same.

The above are a few feedback I got after my talk @ JSFoo

Big architectural changes that start with small, safe steps can start right now. This minute. We can integrate before lunch and deploy on a Friday.

Kent Beck

Building Evolutionary Architectures book refers to this as Evolvability. Evolvability is the ability to support guided, incremental change across multiple dimensions. There are a few techniques that help you support Evolvability.

“Branch by Abstraction” is a technique for making a large-scale change to a software system in gradual way that allows you to release the system regularly while the change is still in-progress.

Martin Fowler —

It is also known as Parallel…


Co-founder/CTO @ Good Karma, Bangalore, India. A strong believer of lean principles, an evangelist and practitioner of Continuous delivery

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