Deurty Boys delivery run to Austin

There’s a french quarter artist that I went to high school with. I’m glad to say I know him. He’s about as genuine as they come, and a great artist. Anyway on the way back from Austin they’ll be stopping by to bring a few reclaimed art pieces, and a wooden bowtie.

It was Hahnville High in the 90’s and it was an amazing time to be a student in the talented art class. The teacher was a flamboyant gay man with a fascination for old southern architecture. We visited, drew, and went to events featuring our art associated with these historical buildings. We visited plantation homes and visited the french quarter to see our display in a building right next to the St. Louis Cathedral.

Many of us noticed the Jackson Square artists that day and thought, just maybe that’s what I’ll do. It wasn’t right out of high school that Jeremy began selling his paintings in the French quarter. He kept painting, finding his own style for a while. Eventually he found what he loves. Painting on glass images of iconic New Orleans scenes.

It will be an inspiration to have these reminders of where I grew up in my home. If you are in New Orleans pass by Jackson Square on the weekend and you’ll see Jeremy out there, probably in overalls with no shirt, with his paintings on reclaimed windows hanging. Of course you don’t just have to wait until your next trip to New Orleans keep up with their new work on Facebook or visit