TODO: Item Number 1, And Behind The Scenes

It has been quite a while since I wrote anything in here. Let’s say I took a little detour to learn from life, before resuming my journey on this Andelan path. That aside, I have grown so much from the person I was barely 5 months ago, when I was bawling my eyes out, because coding was doing a number on me. I am not saying that I don’t cry or get frustrated by code any more; far from it. However, I know more now that I knew back then. More so, I am becoming better each passing day. The various ways I can change the world using the skills I will gather on this journey, are becoming clearer everyday. I do not have all the answers (does anyone ever?) However, I think I finally know where I want to begin.

Found it!

I want to start my journey by helping solve some of the problems I encountered, when I made a choice to pursue software development. How? you ask. By simplifying the learning process for those unable to maybe access the resources I had the privilege of accessing, and also those who may have been passionate about software development, but felt discouraged by the jargon often used in online tutorials and other learning platforms.

I watched this really EPIC video recently and it excites me, to know that I am not the only one in the world who thinks that programming, should be fun and enjoyable to learn for everyone. That it should be a tool to enhance creativity and nurture it across generations.

The truth is, one of my biggest challenges to date when learning anything in programming, is the jargon used in the tutorials. The constant feeling that the author assumes that, I have prior knowledge of something; that often times in future, will affect the whole application I am trying to build. The frustration, when you have followed through to the last comma of a tutorial but it doesn’t work, because… , (well, you have no idea why it fails). You did everything the tutorial said to do. (Yes, yes. I am venting). Also, I understand the work that goes into creating a tutorial. The challenge of keeping up with the constantly evolving technologies. More importantly, I do appreciate very much those who have written tutorials, because the truth is, they have played a huge role in getting me this far. It is partly how I learn.

That said, there is a phrase that many Andelans who have been my learning guides have heard from me so often. “Explain it to me like you would to a 2 year old.” Why do I love that statement so much? Because I learn best, when information is relayed in the simplest and most broken down ways.

Say, if a two year old were to ask what a software developer does. I could tell them that they build things with computers and use them to solve problems. And expect somehow that they would understand what a computer is. Or I could take out a phone or use the TV to break it down to them. Create visual mental pictures and use things they can relate to. (There is a reason why we still count out fingers while doing math, regardless of how old we are. It is because that is how we learned and those visuals fire-up our brains when we need to calculate.)

I would love to get back to that kind of learning. I had quite a good experience when learning React with this and Javascript too. It reminded me that part of the whole reason I have loved learning my whole life, was for the thrill of it. The fun in discovery, and that every single subject I loved, was influenced by my first encounter with it, through those who taught me. I hope in future to also join in the fun and create fun and creative ways to share all the knowledge I am acquiring.

For now though, I have to learn as much as I can. Because I can not help another perceive, what I am yet to myself. My goal means I have to push myself even harder, to become even better, so that I can help ease the process for those who follow in my path.

Pumping up that learning curve like…

Should you see me somewhere, seemingly talking to myself. Bring me a hug. More so, if you have any ideas on how I could reach my goal faster, awesome and fun resources you feel I should have in my armory. I will appreciate it.

Side Note: I am falling in love with learning all over again. Andela has awakened my thirst for knowledge, and I am loving the conduciveness of the environment; for learning and also just thriving, and growing as a person.

Did I tell you I now sing in a work-band, and that I have become a better guitarist?(yes, good enough to play in front of people even while singing). In fact, I have even started picking up chords just by hearing them. I have even rekindled my drumming skills and soon, I will be back in the basketball court, all skills I get to refine within Andela.

So far, despite the challenges that have come my way. I wake up every morning with a smile, because I am going to a place I love, to do the things I love. I can’t wait to live out each and every one of my dreams.

Life is beautiful.