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Ever had a long formula with references to other sheets that was too confusing to follow?

I recently started a new job where I needed to ramp up quickly on a formula heavy model in Google Sheets. In the past, I relied on a custom Excel Add-On I built that helped me easily navigate through cell precedents and dependents using keyboard shortcuts.

Unfortunately, Google Sheet doesn’t have the same built-in tracing functionality like Excel which served as the foundation for my custom-built VBA scripts.

Luckily, Google Sheet is powered by Google Apps Script and with a bit of regular expression magic, one can build a Sidebar that can help list out all the cells that a formula of another cell is referencing. …

This detailed walkthrough will let you build a tracker for email opens using Gmail, Google Sheet, and Google Apps Script. Functionality is kept to a minimum, but I’m happy to expand for other use cases if you leave a comment.

By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to do the following:

But first, a brief explanation of how tracking email-opens works and why you may see possible false-positive or false-negative results.

To track whether an email was opened or not, most services use a web beacon or pixel. …

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