Ever had a long formula with references to other sheets that was too confusing to follow?

I recently started a new job where I needed to ramp up quickly on a formula heavy model in Google Sheets. In the past, I relied on a custom Excel Add-On I built that helped me easily navigate through cell precedents and dependents using keyboard shortcuts.

Unfortunately, Google Sheet doesn’t have the same built-in tracing functionality like Excel which served as the foundation for my custom-built VBA scripts.

Luckily, Google Sheet is powered by Google Apps Script and with a bit of regular expression…

This detailed walkthrough will let you build a tracker for email opens using Gmail, Google Sheet, and Google Apps Script. Functionality is kept to a minimum, but I’m happy to expand for other use cases if you leave a comment.

Edit: The original version of this article had created two script files to get the job done. I realized after the fact that you could do it all in one file. This revised version reflects that. In addition, I’ve added screen grabs from the new Google Apps Script editor interface

By the end of this tutorial, you will be able…

Lee-on Pedahzur

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