Day 147: New week-long project! (Inspired by a friend)

I’d like to open the door to a new way to push my efforts a bit further: structured collaboration. Usually that means, I do one part, you do another. Modeling, storyboarding, outlining, dialogue writing, coloring, tracing, music, voice, sound— all of these are one job if done right.

This Medium is meant to help me apply myself in a specific vector — develop a style and run with it when I’m ready to do something ambitious. Usually I’m just writing about whatever topic that interests me. That’s fun and all, but over time it gets a little bit too narcissistic, even for me.

It’s time to do something bolder.

A few weeks ago, a friend asked me for thoughts and advice about breaking into the anime industry as voice actor. I didn’t really know the first thing about the topic aside from what I’ve seen while working briefly in media, and I didn’t want her to go through that brutal rat race of show business.

What if … I created an opportunity for her to explore this interest and even gave her some creative input?

I started reading up on the origin stories of major anime today. I recently completed One-Punch Man, which took several viewings for me to understand its significance. Apparently it began as webcomic by someone known simply as “One,” and the drawings are almost intentionally silly.

Such origin stories might be rare, but I’m inspired by the humble beginnings of all, nonetheless.

I’d like to do something like this as well, inspired entirely by my friend. The image you see is what I’ve rendered so far from bits of her personality combined with a story that might be relevant to the hyperactive Seattle tech scene. Starting tomorrow, I’ll show one panel at a time and supplement it with some writing. Because, Medium.

Let’s collaborate, people. Send me your thoughts. Daniel Pehush, looking RIGHT at you.

First step: this comic needs a title, but I think I’ve settled on a character name, at least.

— Lee

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