Day 148: Hinako — Frame 1

(As I work on these pieces, I’d like to provide some commentary about my thoughts on assembling them below. Most of this is to auto-analyze my instincts and perhaps create documentation around subsequent moves for consistency and clarity.)

Backgrounds matter.

I knew I had to create some kind of establishing shot of the setting. Influenced by convention centers, I wanted to start with a place that would serve as a proper magnet for a huge geeky crowd. There’s no other reason as why this event would meet elsewhere.

As I drew the building, however, it started to take the form of a starship, equipped with a bridge and nacelles. I also masked the entire background to give it a “faded” feel, but I erased the mask around the building because it’s more of the focal point of this frame.

I don’t often do background shots, and now I know why. The background is largely unappreciated yet even more involved and complex than the foreground. In this image alone, I have to consider the look and feel of perhaps a hundred or soul subjects, and it’s tempting to get lazy.

And so I did.

There’s so much detail that goes into a background shot that I may have to find someone else out there willing to draw them up for me. As I go more into detail in this story, I’m sure I’ll have to delegate that at some point.

Next frame: let’s see what’s happening inside the faire…

— Lee

PS: I use Comic Sans MS when I create such panels. Here’s why.

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