Day 296: Perfect is the Enemy of Good — “What’s love got to do with it?”

This photo was inspired by the work of Jude Devir:

I’ve written quite bit about my marriage this year, sometimes in brutally honest fashion due to my insistence on integrity. Admittedly, here’s also something cathartic about writing about the highs and the lows as well.

It’s certainly fair to say that my marriage isn’t perfect, but find me one that is. I get pressed about some of the nuances of my marriage, and there are times when it’s hard to provide firm answers because I don’t always have them.

Regardless, I’m proud to say it’s working. I didn’t sign up for a happily-ever-after life. I wanted someone who can challenge me, make me better, take me on an adventure, and always keep things interesting.

That’s what we do for her, and we do it well.

We’re good … but we’re not perfect.

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— Lee

(This post was modified from its initial release.)

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