Day 35: I’ll talk about my startup failure … when I’m ready.

Guile. Not just a clever name.

Near the twilight of my startup experience in 2014, I received a lot of feedback from people in my community about what I did wrong and what I should have done instead.

I don’t like to receive unsolicited feedback. Ever.

Opening up about failure is a difficult experience for anyone, but some people crave it. Naturally, not every idea will take off, and while there are lessons to be learned, I question whether people want to hear about startup failure primarily for the schadenfreude.

Failure is not for your consumption.

Such stories must be offered willingly in a safe environment. Once presented, we should applaud their courage. While my failure was tragic, the overall experience taught me what I valued and how I wanted to live my life professionally. I’m willing to share the bad… but you should also be open to the good.

We should strive to listen to one another in a reciprocal fashion, not lecture to feel tall by standing on each other’s shoulders. Failure is inevitable. How you respond to failure and the failure of others matters … at least to me.


PS: Heading into this weekend, I’ll be supporting the Hardware Cup 2017 West Coast Regionals at SolidWorks. Hardware entrepreneurs — you will have my support.