Day 365: The end.

After some catch-up work, I’ve completed my project of writing Something Every Day, which started on January 2nd of 2017 and ends… today.

Why am I stopping now?

I think a year’s a good amount of time to do a project like this. I didn’t have a terminal date in mind until a few months ago. Honestly, unless this is at least a part-time or full-time job, keeping up with a daily creative project isn’t easy.

I don’t like the way that I had to cut corners at time or “write in advance” during weeks when I’ve been particularly busy or unmotivated. The other problem — there are days I don’t have a lot to say, especially when everything’s already been said.

In an age when everyone’s got a megaphone and thinks their idea is as clever as it gets, it’s easy to get lost in the noise of mediocrity. Forcing myself to do something every day is impressive to an extent, but if the quality of work suffers so that I can get something up every day — I’m actually limiting myself.

What’s next?

I’ll likely revise the premise of this blog to something else, but I don’t know if I want to do something consistently for a while.

Instead, I’d like to work on a project.

I want to do something that takes a few months, stretching my mental (and perhaps physical) muscles. More importantly, I don’t want to do this alone. I’m not easy to work with, I admit, but if I can find someone with a similar vision, complementary skill set, and ocean of empathy, we should be fine.

Writing is easy (once you give yourself a pretty clear formula to work with). Reading others’ writing is, well…

Something I should do more often.

It’s a bit narcissistic to produce content and not actively engage others when they do so as well. I wrote a while ago about how many in my world define themselves by what they consume and not what they produce.

I think I’d like to amend that with another clause: we are defined by how we engage with others and what they produce, not by what we do for ourselves.

While I’ve dabbled here and there, I’m missing out on an ocean of content from other Medium writers, ones who are even more consistent in quality and quantity to that of my own.

Maybe I’ll get better this way… by making others better.

I should be thanking a few people…

There are few people I’d like to thank

in particular for being engaged, supportive, and motivating throughout this challenging year.

Sharon Quinsaat — although she doesn’t always get what I do, she’s the muse for many of my best … musings on love, marriage, and politics. I owe half of my brain to her (the part she respects) and certainly all of my heart.

Daniel Pehush — online, he’s the bane of my existence. In person, he’s a sweet, funny, smart, and dependable friend and ally in the quest for truth and enlightenment. I wouldn’t have enjoyed this year as much without him.

Oh my gosh, I think I’m crushing on him. Moving on.

Jomari Peterson — a great guy I met in my startup days at Pittsburgh, always tolerant of my ridiculous ways and kept up that attention through this Medium. Brother, I promise to read more of your work in 2018.

Aldo Aguirre — he’s been a constant for me the last several years, and I look forward to every post he writes. Consider this another nudge in that direction.

And … the dozens upon dozens of you out there who have provoked, inspired, or clicked on something I made because it interested you in some way. Thank you for indulging in this long form of self-expression.

Until the next thing, and happy new year, everyone.

— Lee

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