Day 46: How I would have liked to be treated on Valentine’s Day

In fairness, Sharon’s always in ‘chibi mode.’ Because she’s short.

I’m lucky to have a partner who doesn’t care about Valentine’s Day. I know, because we’ve gone through eight of them together, and she hasn’t done a damn thing for me.

I’m not bitter.

Really, I’m not.

If anything, she leaves herself wide open for me to shame her with amazing gestures, like this one:

And this one (on her birthday, but still):

And others, but I’d rather give her a break. She works hard.

For once, though, I would have enjoyed something along the lines of….

A sushi dinner

Yep, sushi is the sexiest food in the world to me. Beautifully crafted, full of flavor, and if you’re well-trained, you shouldn’t make too much of a mess.

I know this violates my ambition to be as vegan as possible, but … fish is delicious. Plus, it’s the “good cholesterol,” right?

A trip to the movies

I’ve been a cinephile for as long as I remember, but I am somewhat picky about the films I see. If this is Valentine’s Day, then we’re heading to an art house film that might not be in English. Also, we’re sitting so close that my peripherals are aligned with the edges of the screen.

Total immersion. That’s how old school I am.

A cream-based dessert

Be it flan (prepared in any version, though I’m inclined to the lighter Vietnamese style versus the yolk-heavy Filipino style), creme brule, an eclair, etc. — just put that in my face. I’ll apologize for the mess later.

A good night’s sleep

You don’t understand — sleep is AWESOME. I love sleep, and generally, I have trouble getting the necessary amount. If I somehow oversleep — I’m beyond happy.

If you had something else in mind — you’re a pervert. Shame. Shame. Shame.

That’s all for now.


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