Day 51: New machine learning course coming soon!


The best way to make something happen is by making yourself accountable for it. I promised for months that I’d make an ML course for the Learn to Code Initiative and the Galvanize Open Source repo. Now it’s time.

I’ve set a deadline to deploy this course in Seattle: March 23. With the support of two Galvanizers — Lead Instructor and Principal Data Scientist Matthew Drury and current student Mari Pierce-Quinonez — we’re going to create a class that’s accessible yet engaging for novice data scientists.

What to expect

Like most efforts, we’re going to assign everyone a small project to accomplish by the end of the class. I’m a bit of a fan of project-based learning, and I think it applies well in classes like this one.

The details of the project itself … will be revealed in time. =)

How to prepare

This class doesn’t require a lot of knowledge of Python, but it will not start from the absolute basics. We recommend checking out the following in advance:

Learn Python the Hard Way: a classic lesson for anyone who is getting started in Python. It’s also full of snark.

Galvanize’s Intro to Python for Data Science: the notebook is still under construction, but the slide deck is ready to be shared.

Galvanize’s Explorations of Python for Data Science: this one goes a little bit more into the basic functionality of Python, using an enormous dataset.

Keep your eye on the Seattle Data Science Meetup for our announcement. Spots limited to 35 people, so stay proactive!

— Lee