Day 65: The Ascetic Life — a week-long serial post

For this week, I’m going to talk about the foods and drinks I’ve given up as an adult as well as some I’d like to relinquish in the upcoming year. I’ll talk about the reasons why I stopped, how I disciplined myself, when I’ve cracked under pressure, and what it has done for me overall.

I find it funny whenever I mention to others that I don’t indulge in certain things anymore, as people tend to have a borderline obsession with commodities that are simply not good for me to consume. In other words, is it really that important that I share this goblet of poison with you?

(I presume everything is laced with iocaine anyway.)

This list includes:

  • Alcohol (abstained officially since 2011)
  • Energy Drinks (abstained officially since 2012)
  • Land-based animals (mostly abstained since 2017)
  • Sea-based animals (mostly abstained since 2017)
  • Dairy Products (mostly abstained since 2017)
  • Eggs (mostly abstained since 2017)
  • Processed Sugar (under review)

Let me know your thoughts. Call me on my bullshit. We’re going to have fun this week.

— Lee

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