Day 75: Gut check for me (and the challenge of being consistent)

This feels a lot like The Quarter Quell, when I push a bit of a reset button on everything and assess how I’ve done so far and how I’ll improve henceforth.

Staying consistent is not easy

I’ve thus far had one day where I didn’t do what I usually would: draw a pretty picture and write something with a point. That was a particular busy day of work for me. If I have the chance, I’ll try to queue up as many posts as possible throughout the weekend and schedule them.

That’s much harder than it sounds. Writing for me isn’t always a practice in repetition and consistency. I’d say my best efforts come from a moment of inspiration, where I’m chasing an idea and won’t stop until it’s realized. This strategy is not always wise and certainly susceptible to unhealthy practices (e.g. caffeine, stress, etc.). I’d rather not go there just for an extra post.

If I skipped a day, would you care?

I know I get a consistent viewership out there, and thank you so much for that! A few people have told me how impressed they’ve been with my sense of discipline towards the blog as well, and that encourages me to keep going and delivering at a standard that I prefer to maintain.

However, life gets messy, and I’m no exception to the rule. In the month of February alone, I traveled to at least three cities, which almost compromised my ability to devote at least an hour or two to a daily post. If you’ve read a few posts, you may have noticed my mood drop a bit, as is the case when anyone endures something less than optimal.

I hope to make it an entire year where I keep this up, but who knows? I’ve mentioned before that I have an interest in coding, and that requires more time than I currently have to do properly. Something’s gotta give.

It’s time for me to care more about YOU

One thing I’m terrible at is reading other people’s posts. You only get what you give, right? If you have a post that I should review, recommend, or engage with in the proper Medium way, send it to me. I tend to write about a lot of topics — I’m sure someone out there’s said something more eloquently than I have.

If that’s the case — I’ll be your champion.

— Lee