Day 86: Now what?

I think often about that scene in Fight Club when Tyler Durden drags a convenience store cashier named Raymond out the back entrance and threatens him with a gun, assuring him that he was going to die.

The scene is clever in its semantics, because it turns out that Tyler wasn’t threatening the cashier — he was stating a matter of fact.

Tyler’s true intention: to force Raymond to confront the inevitability of his death and embrace life as a precious gift, appreciating every moment, pleasure, and opportunity to the fullest extent.

It took a bit of terror to get to that point, but knowing that Tyler took his identification as well, Raymond knew he had to do better … or else.

I want someone to do this to me.

What would I say? Am I presently on the right path, and do I know my destination? Am I too afraid to say these things out loud, and do I need someone to hold a gun to my head to finally speak the truth under perceived threat of death?

I know this much — every now and then, we need a little shock therapy. Perhaps I am overdue for my next session.

Any volunteers?

— Lee

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