Day 94: Kristin Kreuk, The Girl Next Door Who Changed After Europe (2/5 of my Top Five Exceptions)

If she’s good enough for a closeted Superman, then she’s good enough for the rest of us.

It’s impossible for me to talk about Kristin Kreuk without including my college roommate. We discovered Kreuk together while watching Smallville in our college dormitory. Kreuk, a Canadian woman of half-Indonesian Chinese, half-Dutch descent, carries that “look” that men like us could not resist.

Canadians were fortunate to have known about Kreuk long before that, as she simultaneously worked on that and another show, Edgemont. I’d actually recommend it to anyone interested in pretty complex issues such as race, sexual identity, etc. — straight-up products of Canada’s awesome mandated media diversity initiatives.

My roommate and I became obsessed. We saw the made-for-TV film Snow White: Fairest of Them All and did not give the wicked stepmother an inch of sympathy. When a Neutrogena commercial featuring Kreuk aired (she was at one point their longest-running spokesperson), we’d alert each other and try to record it on our VCR (this was long before the era of YouTube or even eBaumsWorld).

She was our dream girl, and we never once argued in a territorial way because she probably wouldn’t appreciate that. Respect.

Sure, Kristin Kreuk is not exactly a household name, and she’s had a string of not-so-impressive projects such as Street Figher: The Legend of Chun Li, Space Milkshake, or Irvine Welsh’s Ecstacy, but if I were choosing based on acting careers, Judi Dench would be at the top of the ranks. (With all due respect to Dame Dench, I just don’t see us connecting on that level.)

I just really like her, is all.

— Lee

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