Day 95: Aubrey Plaza, The Weirdest Woman You’ll Ever Meet (3/5 of my Top 5 Exceptions)

If Aubrey Plaza was a member of The Breakfast Club, she would have been Ally Sheedy, except Plaza would have lured Sheedy into a vat of boiling acid in the cafeteria and used one of her broken femurs to stab Bender through the neck for his insolence.

For some twisted reason, I’m totally into that.

Meet Janet Snakehole

Fun story: the role of April Ludgate in Parks and Recreation was created specifically for Plaza, who (legend has it) met with famed casting director Alison Jones and was described as “the weirdest girl” she’s ever met. Jones arranged for a meeting between Plaza and show creator Michael Schur, who made her uncomfortable for about an hour before deciding to cast her.

There’s no one like her — not even close. Try thinking of a similar person from any other era, anywhere in the world. That person does not exist.

Aubrey Plaza is awesome in interviews

In interviews, she’s even more deranged and delightful. For example, consider her contempt of the elderly below:

Here’s another bizarre interview of her admitting that she may have fondled NBA All-Star player Chris Bosh.

She’s also delightfully awkward elsewhere

For those of you who listened or watched closely, you would have noticed that Plaza voiced Ezka the female twin daughter of Unalaq from The Legend of Korra. Even in animated form, her deadpan shtick plays well.

Lately I’ve been watching her in FX’s Legion in a role originally written for a man. Nothing Aubrey Plaza can’t handle.

How does this actually play out?

Admittedly, I’ve probably worked out “first encounter scenarios” with the first two I’ve mentioned in my Top Five, but Plaza is by far the trickiest person to engage. (Another fun fact: Anna Kendrick and Plaza are close friends. Weird.)

My best bet: I’ll have to hunt down some large, dangerous beast to get consideration for a meeting with her. I may die in the process.

It’ll be worth it.

— Lee