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My niece Chrissy called me, seeking advice about job hunting. She was in the process of updating her resume and preparing her photo. Photo? Back in my day, you only had photos with your bio if you were an actress…or an escort. Which, I suppose, also qualifies you as an actress. Nowadays, a pic with a resume is the norm.

What should she wear? That was simple enough...something conservative. Wrong. Was I ever wrong. Let’s talk about just how wrong I was:

Women who wear low cut blouses are 19 times more likely to get a job interview. Can’t be? Can be. And is.

According to a study by Dr. Sevag Kertechian, a researcher at Paris-Sorbonne University, clothes impact the recruitment process.

Here’s the cliff note version of his very exhaustive study:

Two women with identical experiences on their resumes applied for 100 positions wearing conservative clothing. And another 100 positions pictured in more revealing outfits. Of the 200 positions, the resumes accompanied with the more revealing pictures…let’s say a low cut blouse…received 62 more interview offers than her counterpart. This was over a three year time period.

Dr. Kertechian: “The results were quite shocking and negative…that shows we need to conduct more research.”

Three years? More research? For what? Are you kidding me doc? Is anyone surprised by these findings? Let alone “shocked”. I’m certainly not.

Although…I must admit I am somewhat taken aback that someone would need 3 years to prove what almost every red-blooded male, and most women too, already knew…boobs rule.

Three years? You are telling me that someone, somewhere actually paid this man a salary…and not the wage someone makes flipping burgers at McDonald’s, but a substantial salary…to what?…study cleavage?

So, after three years, the doc wants to do more research. What, his funding has run out and he needs another three year salary?

What else is there to research?

Maybe he wants full body photos-in bikinis. Perhaps he wants to test the theory of a little bit of cleavage vs full-on nipple.

Or, perhaps the good doc is “flexible” and wants to reverse the roles to analyze geek vs stud, beach bum vs hunk, any man vs James Bond. 
Somehow, I think it’s the latter. For some reason, a super spy with a nemesis with the name of Pussy Galore, seems to be the logical foil for this sort of “research”.

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