lunch with lee(BROTHER, CAN YOU SPARE A DIME?)

Today’s Menu: Give A Dog A Bone.

Ever notice how some people treat (their pets) or animals better than human beings?

Brandy, a friend, recently observed and eventually participated in the attempted recue of a runaway dog. The runner in question, a small, average, run of the mill garden variety American mongrel, somehow escaped when his owner opened the car door.

Wearing heels, the owner was having a difficult task chasing the dog around the parking lot. Brandy watched initially, as people from surrounding businesses came out to assist, to no avail. This dog was a speedster and cagey.

It was when the pooch made its way onto the access road that Brandy joined in the pursuit. Cars with flashers on followed as he ran down the first lane, it looked like some sort of bizarre funeral prosession. Brandy confessed every time the little guy strayed for another lane, she hollered and gripped the steering wheel a little tighter. She was certain some unwitting motorist was going to hit him.

He ran into another parking lot. Again, strangers from all over gave chase, some on foot, others in cars. He was getting tired. You could tell by the way he slowed his pace.

Still, he was much faster than the average human. He avoided flailing arms, open car doors, cries of “Here, puppy”, and made for the access road again.

In the parking lot, Brandy lost sight of him. People were milling around near the edge of the road. Fearing the worst, knowing there was nothing she could do, Brandy slowly steered her car towards the nearest exit. She pulled out into traffic and came to a dead stop.

Ahead, all three lanes of traffic had come to a standstill…all for nothing.

The dog was making its way back…in the opposite direction.

His tongue was lolling, his little legs were moving much slower. Surely someone would be able to catch the little guy. They didn’t need her help. Besides, she was in the far left lane heading away from him.

Brandy let it go and drove on. To the red light at the next corner; same access road. That’s when she spotted him. No, not the little speedster mongrel.

Brandy spotted ‘one of those guys’. You know the ones, sitting…standing on the corner, holding the cardboard sign…HUNGRY. WILL WORK FOR FOOD.

She let up her windows before she got to him. She looked straight ahead when she got to the traffic stop, avoiding eye contact, wishing the light to turn green.

Hmm. Here’s a thought.

Brandy lives in a major metropolitan area…can you imagine the rush hour traffic?

To risk a multiple car pile up for a stranger’s dog.

But to refuse to even acknowledge a human being…

I had to ask her…

She had some valid points. The puppy was an innocent. All he wanted was to run and play.

But a human; you never know what one is capable of. He could have really needed help, as his cardboard sign said. He could be a con man, who makes more per hour begging than you and I can earn in a day. What if he were to pull a gun and try to jack her car? Or cut the strap on her purse and steal her money and identification?

There are all sorts of statistics out there I could look up and quote. All sorts of theories and research and conjectures from the professionals that get paid to analyze these sorts of things. I won’t bore anyone with the facts.

Instead, I’ll tell you what my friend Brandy told me: “If you took ten people, nine of them would help the dog. The tenth might…just might…help the human.”

You know what? I think she's right.

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