lunch with lee(MEN ARE PEOPLE TOO)

TODAY’S MENU: Diners’ Choice.

Appetizer 1: Young man lying on the couch, watching basketball game on TV. Young lady, his girlfriend, comes in and wants to talk. He doesn’t. He ignores her. She slaps him. He leaves the room. She follows, continuing to carry on a one-sided conversation. He continues to ignore her. She slaps him again. This time, he slaps her back. She falls to the floor. He reaches for his cell. Dials a number and steps outside to wait on the porch. When the police arrive, he’s handcuffed and taken away.

Appetizer 2: Young woman lying on the couch, watching basketball game on TV. Young man, her boyfriend, comes in…you can guess what happens next.

Which appetizer would you choose? Why? Why is it that we can not stomach appetizer 2? Easy enough question. Too easy actually. The mental imagery of a man striking the fairer sex is distasteful. Not to mention against the law. As it should be. Bottom line, if you as a man, slap a woman, you are going to jail.

What makes appetizer 1 so much more easier to digest? Even without the aid of antacids. Not so easy to answer? Or is it? It certainly shouldn’t be.

Men are people too.

They have rights. My nephews should have the same rights/protections afforded to them as my nieces. Genderless. That’s how it should be. But we know, all to well, it isn’t. Come on, admit it. When you saw appetizer 1, you thought, “good for her, that’ll teach him.” Or perhaps you cheered for “woman power”. Who snickered…or outright laughed at the idea of a man being slapped around by his girlfriend?

Imagine the stigma a man faces if he calls the police for domestic abuse…as the victim? It’s a serious matter, but how many officers would arrive on the scene, weapons drawn, believing the six foot something guy was the offender?

Sad, but true.

I’m not here to get on my soapbox. I don’t want to debate past history of what one gender has done to another. All I am saying is this:

If you raise your hand for any reason other than an act of love or kindness…please, DON’T.

What’s on my lunch plate? Nothing. I’ve lost my appetite. I ordered neither.